Milverton W9MMS is now using a HI-Q Antenna

John W8JOD uses a Tarheel Screwdriver Antenna


 Milverton W9MMS HI-Q Antenna

  John W8JOD Tarheel, 6M loop, 2m loop

Milverton W9MMS Previous Tarheel Antenna

 John W8JOD Tarheel, 6M loop, 2m loop

Milverton W9MMS Bracket around Air Cleaner

 John W8JOD's Lakeview Hamstick's Inductance Coil

Milverton W9MMS Antenna Bracket Add-on

 John W8JOD's DX Engineering Capacitance Hat

Milverton W9MMS has an excellent installation around
the air cleaner
to attach the HI-Q antenna.
Milverton runs APRS using a Kenwood 710.
Milverton is also running a laptop in his rig.


John W8JOD is the experimenter and is using a 6m Loop, a 2m Loop along
with the Tarheel Screwdriver antenna plus a few other antennas as well.
John runs the D700a running APRS, with a Kenwood TS-2000 for his HF Rig.
John W8JOD is also running a laptop mobile and has added a D-Star radio.

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